Google Can't Crawl Your AngularJS Website.

You built a great AngularJS site. But how are people going to find it?

What are you going to do about SEO?

If you don't show up in Google, it's like you don't even exist.

Google is reading your templates, not your data

When Google indexes your pages, it sees

<h1>{{appName}} - {{pageName}} - {{username}}</h1>

or maybe just


but you need it to see

<h1>Awesome App - User Profile - Fred James</h1>

Are you going to have to rewrite everything?

The solution is painfully obvious. You just need to write some server-side code to send a javascript-free version of your website to Google. It shouldn't be that hard. It will only require duplicating your entire app. Maybe you can reuse a little code, remove some functionality and only duplicate 50%. Where will you get the resources for this little project?

How much sys admin time are you going to waste on PhantomJS?

You've read about a better solution. You don't have to rewrite any code. You can use PhantomJS to render snap-shots of your pages and serve them to Google.

Sounds easy except...

You thought this was going to be awesome.

You picked AngularJS for a reason. It is going to make your app better. You'll be able to develop faster. More releases, more often = more users. And, you'll be able to give those users a better experience. You're helping to usher in a new era of web development.

You want to spend less time worrying about servers, not more.

AngularJS was going to allow you to focus on making a rich browser app. It was going to free you from having logic duplicated across both server and client.

If AngularJS would just work with SEO, everything else would fall into place.

Really, you just need it to work. There has to be a way to get the benefit of Angular that you are seeking without having to compromise. There has to be a way to use AngularJS without fussing with extra servers, headless browsers, or duplicate code, but still get your site listed in Google.

We'll make SEO work with AngularJS for you.

We pre-render html snapshots of all your pages for you. You don't have to make any changes to your code. All you have to do is fetch the page from BromBone when Google comes crawling.

Let us do the worrying for you.

Let us take care of the server maintenance. Aren't your developers busy enough? Don't your sys admins have enough to do? Focus on the core of your business and let us worry about keeping your site indexable.

BromBone does AngularJS SEO for you.

BromBone is a service that takes care of the hard part. It crawls your site and renders static versions of all your webpages that Google can read.

When the Google-bot visits your site, all you have to do is grab the pre-rendered page from BromBone's super-fast content delivery network and send that page on to Google. We will help you with the setup to make this part work. For most sites, the setup is a simple copy/paste and you're done.

Voila, your website is listed on Google. You don't have to duplicate any code or run any servers.

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